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Free 5-Day Email Crash Course - How to Pick the Perfect College

Applying to college can be hard and overwhelming, but if you know the right steps to take, the process is straightforward.

I can help you search & select the right college, help your child write an essay that tells their story, and assist them in selecting a major that will lead to their brightest future.

All The Tools You Need To Find the Perfect College!

You want what's best for your child and are willing to invest in their education but, when it comes to searching for colleges, picking a major, or even writing application essays, you don't know what to do.

There is now a way to search for colleges using data to influence decisions but allowing your heart to pick the perfect college.

The key is to know what to look for and what to ignore.

Design Your Child's Academic Future

If you don't have the time, energy, or expertise to research colleges, help your child plan their academic future, and write application essays, then let me help.

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The College Admissions Game Has Changed

I have been designing the futures of college-bound students for over 30 years. The college admissions game has changed dramatically over the past 3 decades, and the changes in the past few years have been dizzying.

But there are a few basic "rules" that never change, no matter how much the college admissions "game" changes.

And that's what I'm good at ‚Äď deciphering the changes and helping you find your best strategy to help your child find the perfect college fit that leads them to a different future!

5 Day Email Crash Course Benefits

At the end of this Crash Course, your child will be able to:

  • How to Search for Colleges Easily & Effectively
  • Learn the Difference Between College Planning vs. Future Planning
  • Write¬†Memorable College Application Essays That Tell Your Child's Most Memorable Story
  • Pick a College Major Depending If Your Child Is a Doer or a Thinker
  • Pick the Perfect College From a List of Colleges that Match Your Child's Skills & Emotional Needs¬†

Possibly the best part of this course is my ability to help you avoid family drama and save your relationship with your child!

I went through this process with both of my boys and I can tell you that this is a bumpy ride and not for the faint of heart. Having a structured approach based on decades of research makes this process go very smoothly.

Here's What Others Have Said About Our Email Crash Course:

“I have read books and listened to podcasts for hours and not learned as much in such a short period of time as I did with your emails. All the lessons were simple to follow and just made sense." Sara (mother of a student going to UC Santa Barbara)

"My parents signed me up for this crash course and I at first didn't pay attention, thinking they were just more boring lectures. But then I saw the lesson on how to write a memorable essay and couldn't believe how easy you made the process. That lesson made me searching through my emails to find the other lessons. Your stuff was really, really helpful!" Jon (student going to UCLA) 

"I was pretty overwhelmed with the entire college process. Learning the basics like you laid out in this course made me feel a lot less stress and made it easier for me to process everything else that was out there. I subscribed to your newsletter as well and love the in-depth analysis you provide." Jerry (father of twins going to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and University of Chicago)

Design Your Child's Academic Future

College and Future Planning is a daunting task. Let me help your child find their perfect fit.

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