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Study Skills, Tips & Learning Strategies Are Essential Skills

Essential skills are critical for success in all grades. A strong understanding of study skills is the key to future success (and sadly, most students are not ready for college). Studies have shown that success in middle school is a better predictor of college admissions than high school and ACT or SAT scores! A little planning and expectation setting in middle school makes the rest of the journey easier for your child.

One of the key aspects of any study skills course is understanding your study style & mindset. The burden is often placed on the classroom teachers to adapt their teaching style to the various learning styles of their students. While a rare teacher might be able to accomplish this, most have developed a way of teaching that works for most of the class. Difficulty ensues if your child’s learning style differs from the teacher's.

At Engenius Learning Centers, we need to learn how each child learns. Understanding this means we can now teach your child the most efficiently and effectively possible. What this means to you is faster learning for your child in a way that makes learning fun.

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