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Study Skills, Tips & Learning Strategies Are Essential Skills

Essential Skills: Transformative Study Skills, Tips, & Learning Strategies

At Engenius Learning Centers, we believe that strong study skills form the foundation for lifelong learning and success.

We understand each child has a unique learning style, so we've developed our Essential Skills course to cater to these individual needs.

Our Essential Skills course is broken into three core categories:

Handling High School

This section covers critical life skills like goal setting, decision-making, time management, organization, and managing interactions with teachers and peers.

Tackling Tests 

We focus on strategies for effective study preparation and test-taking techniques that can improve performance across all subjects.

Writing Well

From note-taking to crafting compelling essays and research papers, we equip your child with the writing skills they'll need for academic success. 

Together, these components prepare your child not just for the immediate challenges of school but for the demands of college and beyond. Our aim is to create a fun and efficient learning environment that resonates with your child's unique learning style.

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Case Study: Liliana's Academic Transformation with the Essential Skills Course

The Challenge

Meet Liliana, a diligent 10th grader with a knack for reading, writing, and math. Yet, like many students her age, she grappled with time management, homework deadlines, and last-minute test preparation.

She could memorize information and perform decently on straightforward tests but faced difficulties when questions required her to apply information presented differently than the textbook or handouts.

Despite starting each school year with optimism, Liliana's confidence would falter after a challenging test or quiz.

She struggled to maintain motivation, and this shift in attitude began to affect her beyond academics. Her cheerful demeanor faded, and she became more withdrawn in class and among her friends. Even on the soccer field, where she was once a competitive player, Liliana was not playing up to her potential.

Her classroom struggles spilled over into her personal life, affecting the relationships and activities she once loved.


The Solution

Hearing about Engenius Learning's study skills course, Essential Skills, from a friend, Liliana's parents decided to enroll her. They had seen its positive impact on their friend's son and thought it might fit Liliana. Despite her initial hesitation, she agreed to attend an initial consultation.

Within the first 20 minutes at Engenius, Liliana realized she was at a place that would make a big difference in her life.

The tutors at Engenius were not there to criticize but to assist her in finding ways to make small, impactful improvements. She appreciated that the tutors understood her struggles and were committed to helping her overcome them.

The most profound change in Liliana came from the Handling High School modules of the Essential Skills course.

She realized that high school's complexity significantly differed from her previous academic experiences. She felt overwhelmed by more classes, different teachers, and increased responsibilities.


The Transformation

After her second class, Liliana texted her parents, "I get it now."

She had a newfound understanding of what it took to keep up and excel in high school. While she recognized that she still had a lot of work ahead, she felt confident in her ability to handle it for the first time since she started high school.

Liliana completed the Essential Skills course in two months. Armed with improved study skills and a renewed sense of self-confidence, she achieved her best grades to date in the second semester of the 10th grade.

The success continued. Empowered by her accomplishments, she challenged herself further by signing up for honors and AP courses for her 11th-grade year, a decision she would not have considered before.

But the transformation didn't just impact her academics.

Liliana found her passion for soccer again and could reintegrate with her friend group as if she had never been away. The confidence she gained from the Essential Skills course at Engenius Learning translated into all aspects of her life, making her happier, more balanced, and ready to face any challenges that come her way.

 Liliana's story is a testament to the profound impact of targeted and supportive tutoring on a student's life.

Engenius Learning's Essential Skills course offered her the tools to improve her study habits, manage her time effectively, and rebuild her confidence. This comprehensive approach to education is at the heart of Engenius Learning's mission, ensuring every student can succeed academically and thrive personally.

Whether your child is struggling with schoolwork, losing confidence, or having difficulty managing their time and responsibilities, Engenius Learning is here to help.

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