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Summer FLEX Camps - June 1st - August 31st

Unlock your child's potential this summer with ourĀ engaging & effective Summer Flex Camps!

Do you want your child to stay focused, learn more, and have fun during the summer break? Look no further than Engenius Learning.

Our Summer Flex Camps provide a tailored learning experience that helps your child catch up or excel beyond their peers, ensuring they're ready to confidently tackle the next school year.

Our expert tutors are dedicated to understanding your child's unique needsĀ & creating a personalized learning plan that drives results.

Join theĀ thousands of students who have experienced greater progress with us over one summer than an entire school year. Don't miss out ā€“ give your child the head start they deserve!Ā 

Rigorous Learning Without the Rigorous Schedule

 The perfect way to keep your child engaged without ruining their fun and your summer vacation plans.

Summer Camp Workshops

Discover the perfect balance of flexibility & quality with our custom-tailored summer learning programs for your child.

Are you seeking an enriching summer experience for your child, tailored to their needs & interests, without the constraints of a rigid schedule?

Engenius Summer Flex Camps has you covered.

Our innovative summer educational programs offer a dynamic learning environment designed specifically for your child. Gain control over the schedule & content, and create a summer experience for your child that makes the next school year so much different.

Experience the power of flexible learning without compromising on rigor and quality. Transform your child's summer break into a valuable, lifelong investment.

Join us now to unlock their full potential!

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Quantity & Quality
The Summer Pass Back by Popular Demand!

Engenius Learning Center provides the setting & expertise to develop and retain reading, writing, and math skills over the summer months. With our incredible Summer Pass offer, your child can work up to 21 hours this summer to catch up on one or more subjects. For those who want enrichment help, you can break the 21 hours into several subjects to prepare for the next academic year.

A successful summer spent tutoring can help your child return to school in the fall with increased confidence and much-improved skills.

Engenius summer students can come up to 21 hours between June 1st and August 31st at a rate under $50 per hour (1 - 2 hours per day maximum). The Summer Pass costs just $995 and is the best option for your student this summer.

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