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Summer FLEX Camps June 1st - August 31st

Flexible scheduling. Convenient times. Complete control of content and how much work your child does. It's what you want for a perfect summer educational program.

But where can you get this and not be locked into the strict schedule of summer school?

Engenius Learning's Summer Flex Camp is your solution.

Pick the subject. Pick the days. Pick the total number of hours for the summer.

Everything you could want for a summer program in one place!

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Willow Glen Tutoring Center


Your child cares about school and wants to do well. But they have trouble with a subject or teacher or lack the basic skills to succeed. You need someone you can trust but don't know who to turn to.

Engenius Learning Center is here for you.

We don't just solve the problems your child is working on today. We help your child build future-proof skills to be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

Our Willow Glen tutoring center is located in the Zanottos Shopping Center, just down the street from Presentation High, and only a short walk from Willow Glen Middle & Willow Glen High. We pride ourselves on servicing our customers and work hard to ensure our students succeed. Our Willow Glen tutoring center offers help with math, reading, writing, science, ACT and SAT test prep, as well as helping students with daily homework support.

Our main math and science tutor Justin is "Willow Glen famous" for his ability to help kids improve. In addition, Mike Flynn heads our ACT and SAT prep program. With over 30+ years of test prep experience and thousands of success stories, Mike knows exactly what to do to help your child improve his or her score.

No matter the situation, our goal at the Willow Glen location is to help your child learn how to learn!


Our center is perfect for catching up or getting ahead in school.  Call us now at 844-56-GENIUS!



Learning is easier when the lessons are engaging and you are taught by tutors who care about your success. But it's hard to find good people who care.

Engenius tutors care and work closely with your child to get to the root problem holding back their progress.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and grow, and Engenius is here to help.

More Than Just a Tutor

Students sometimes need help every day and in multiple subjects, but tutors typically only answer questions and do not worry about your child's future challenges.

Engenius Learning Center is different.

We are more than just tutors who only answer questions. We are a learning center. We teach students what they need to solve today's problems and succeed in the future.



Mike Flynn, Director

1445 Foxworthy Avenue, Suite 50
San Jose, CA 95118
[email protected]
(408) 265-7393

Engenius Learning Center of Willow Glen

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Opening hours:  Monday through Thursday, 1:30 pm to 7:30 pm


See our Willow Glen location on the map below.

 Our other locations:

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Engenius Learning Center of Cupertino

Engenius Learning Center of Los Gatos

Engenius Learning Center of Morgan Hill

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