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Writing Tutoring for All Ages

Writing tutoring is now more important than ever. Essay writing skills have been in a slow decline for years, yet college entrance tests and college professors still require high-level critical writing skills. Too many teachers believe there is no need to change the way grammar is taught because the rules of grammar have not changed. Unfortunately, we live in a time where kids spend more time writing social media posts than writing essays.

The Importance of Strong Writing Skills

A quality, well-rounded education must incorporate the ability to write effectively.  While not every student needs to be a novelist, our world has changed to where written communication is more important than ever. Students who can not write clearly will be left behind with the Common Core changes to the school curriculum.

With recent studies about students in college not being properly prepared to succeed, do not wait to make a change for the better. Our program works where others have failed!


A New Approach to Writing Tutoring

Engenius Learning is challenging the status quo with a game-changing approach to writing tutoring.

We understand that no two students are alike, and neither are their learning needs.

Our specially curated curriculum strikes the ideal balance between grammar and essay writing, empowering students to excel academically while nurturing their self-expression skills.

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions but in custom-tailored strategies that target your child's specific challenges and capitalize on their unique strengths.

But we're not just here to meet immediate needs.

We aim to instill a lifelong passion for writing and reading, setting your child up for success beyond the classroom.

Our engaging and interactive sessions expose students to diverse writing styles and genres, sparking their curiosity and helping them discover their unique voice.

With Engenius Learning, writing is more than just an academic chore—it's an enjoyable journey of self-expression and discovery.

Don't settle for what's not working.

Choose Engenius Learning for a transformative blend of academic growth and personal development.


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Willa's Writing Story: Turning Struggles Into Strengths in Writing and Reading

Every child's learning journey is unique.
Your child may sometimes face hurdles in areas like writing and comprehension. Engenius Learning Center specializes in understanding and addressing these challenges, just like they did for Willa, a 9th grader who struggled with writing and reading comprehension.


Initial Consultation

At Engenius, we start with a detailed conversation with your child and you. We believe in understanding each child's unique needs to tailor our approach accordingly. Our conversation proved to be very important - we learned Willa was struggling with her confidence so badly that she would freeze up on tests. Her parents believed Willa felt self-conscious because she often took longer than other kids to finish exams.

She started worrying more about how fast other kids were going rather than what she needed to do. 


Diagnostic Tests

We usually give students a diagnostic test to start the process, but because Willa struggled so much, we decided to have her work on a book report she had to do for class. After a few sessions, we could see Willa trusting us and the tutoring to the point where we gave her the diagnostic test on her next visit. While she struggled initially, she overcame her fear and could complete the test.

The results showed that she struggled with the writing process (something we saw firsthand working on the book report), but she also had fundamental grammar and reading comprehension challenges.


Personalized Learning Plan

With the test results in hand, we crafted a personalized learning plan for Willa. We focused on enhancing her critical reading skills, knowing this would naturally improve her writing. We also targeted her grammar issues, such as subject-verb agreement and run-on sentences.

To help Willa better organize her thoughts, we introduced her to mind mapping and the fishbone technique. These tools proved invaluable in helping her transition from a stream-of-consciousness writing style to a more structured approach.



Progress is a journey, not a race.

At first, Willa was apprehensive about the extra steps involved in mind mapping and using the fishbone technique. But she soon discovered that these strategies simplified her writing process and required less editing.


Building Confidence and Improving Grades

Today, Willa is a confident writer and reader.

Her English grades have improved significantly, and she now views the additional steps in her writing process as time-savers, not as burdens.

At Engenius Learning Center, we're committed to understanding and meeting the specific needs of each student. If your child, like Willa, is struggling with writing or reading comprehension, contact us.

With our personalized approach, we can help turn their struggles into strengths.