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Writing Tutoring for All Ages

Writing tutoring is now more important than ever. Essay writing skills have been in a slow decline for years, yet college entrance tests and college professors still require high-level critical writing skills. Too many teachers believe there is no need to change the way grammar is taught because the rules of grammar have not changed. Unfortunately, we live in a time where kids spend more time writing social media posts than writing essays.

The Importance of Strong Writing Skills

A quality, well-rounded education must incorporate the ability to write effectively.  While not every student needs to be a novelist, our world has changed to where written communication is more important than ever. Students who can not write clearly will be left behind with the Common Core changes to the school curriculum.

With recent studies about students in college not being properly prepared to succeed, do not wait to make a change for the better. Our program works where others have failed!


A New Approach to Writing Tutoring

Rather than stick with something that isn't working, Engenius Learning has the solution. Our students work through a blended curriculum that provides enough grammar and essay writing to push students ahead. We can also focus just on specific aspects of writing, allowing us to provide your child with the perfect combination.



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