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3 Critical Steps to Helping Young Readers Develop

elementary school Jul 29, 2021

Young and Emerging Readers Need Help to Improve! 

Young and emerging readers need help to improve and develop their skills. Understanding letters and sounds and how they work together (called phonemic awareness) is key for reading fluency. For students who are at risk of retention in the early school years, teachers will often suggest an early reading intervention method (ERIM). Though this sounds like a disability, most often young readers have just not developed at the same rate as others. Just like some kids growing later than their friends, some readers take a bit more time to start reading than their classmates. Taking action now is critical for a young reader who is late developing. These students need extra time and help to catch up to avoid further struggle or worse, labeling by teachers and schools.

Here are the steps you should take. First, focus on the alphabetic principle, then phonological awareness, followed by fluency with connected text.

Emerging readers must master each of these steps in order to be  successful critical readers.

As young readers develop, make certain they practice daily the skills they have already mastered as well as teach them new skills. Be careful to not overload them as they start to improve. The young mind can change just as quickly as their mood. Make reading fun and without stress for the best chance to help them improve.

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