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Over 70% of parents don't want homework for their kids. Here's 1 reason why kids should do homework!

study skills Jul 29, 2021

Should We Ban Homework in Schools?

Should we ban homework? Do kids do enough schoolwork already and it is really the extra homework that is holding kids back? If you agree, then you should pick up Heather Shumaker’s book “It’s Okay to Go Up the Slide.” Shumaker argues that parents should not pressure children into unrealistic expectations. Shumaker goes on to say that when adult expectations clash with child development, parents should change rather than trying to force the child to change.

While much of what she says is true, Shumaker neglects to point out that learning to cope with stress is a vital life skill. Homework, in the right amounts and focused on the right things can be very beneficial.

If we use sports, music, or dance as examples, to get better, the key is to practice.  While too much practice may have a limited return on investment, mindful, focused practice can pay huge dividends.  Maybe the concept of homework is not at fault, but the amount, type, and degree of difficulty assigned is?  No sense in practicing Mozart on the piano if we can’t play Chopsticks, right?  If your child is struggling with homework, contact us and we can assess if that is the issue

What do you think?

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