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The Unbelievable Link Between Middle School and College Success

college prep high school middle school Jul 29, 2021

The Forgotten Middle - Struggles In Middle School Could Mean Trouble In College

Did you know that the level of academic readiness students reach by eighth grade has a greater impact on their college readiness than anything that happens academically in high school? It is true. A report by the ACT (makers of the ACT college entrance exam), shows that 80% of middle school students are not on track to be successful in high school.

Unfortunately, technology, with all of its wonders, is rewiring middle schoolers’ brains to the point where they simply are ready for high school success.  For those that aren’t ready for high school, the path to college is that much harder.  While it is true that not everyone should go to college, we can’t be letting kids make these decisions.  Give students the best opportunity to be successful, then, and only then, decide if college is the best path.

What can you do if your child isn’t ready?  The first step is usually to start reading.  Not just pleasure reading but reading for a purpose.  Since analytical reading and critical thinking skills are required for success on college entrance exams, the earlier you can start teaching these skills, the better.  If you don’t know how to teach these fundamental skills, you are in luck – we do!  Give us a call at 844-56-GENIUS or email us at [email protected].

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