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Why Handwriting Is Just as Important as Keyboarding for Young Students

elementary school Jul 29, 2021

Research has revealed that handwriting is just as important as keyboarding. Yet, handwriting is being dismissed as a nonessential skill as classrooms are gradually shifting to online learning. The reasoning is simple: why teach cursive if everything will be done on a screen? Even though the logic seems simple enough, new research may make you think differently.

Several studies recently have reported how beneficial handwriting, specifically the forming of letters, can help students learn written language. One study identified that typing did not generate the same level of brain activity as writing did. The actual process of writing, no matter how messy, was more beneficial for the student.

In addition to the levels of brain stimulation writing can provide, there is also proof that students who took handwritten notes were more likely to remember the content than students who typed their notes. The process of writing could be considered multi-sensory, and the benefits of multi-sensory learning are well understood and documented.

Teachers have long reported that there is an added yet hidden benefit to handwriting: discipline. Learning any new skill can take time and learning skills that require an extra level of precision and care all, according to some lifelong teachers, is the hidden benefit to learning handwriting.

Though cursive may seem to be outdated, there are a number of benefits that can help your child learn.


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