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Back-to-School Transition: Practical Tips for Enhancing Your Child's Physical and Mental Well-being

elementary school Aug 07, 2023
3 Ways to Make Back to School Successful for your child

Now that school is approaching, it's time to prepare your child for the exciting days ahead. Promoting mental and physical well-being is important for school success. The abrupt change from summer to school can cause stress and anxiety, so you must ensure your child is always prepared.

Below are some tips on how to promote your child's mental and physical well-being during this transitional period:


Ensure Adequate Sleep & Good Nutrition

A healthy body supports a healthy mind. To give your child the best chance of success, make sure they get enough sleep and eat healthy meals. A balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy protein will give them the energy they need throughout the day (and do away with sugar and fast food they may have gotten used to on vacation).


Set Up a Routine

A routine can provide structure and security for children during this transition. A set bedtime and wake-up time in the morning will help ensure that children get enough sleep.

**You may want to take this slowly. The transition will be easy if you start going to bed a few minutes earlier each night a week or two before school starts. If you set up a "wake-up window" where you wake your child a little earlier each day until you get closer to the regular wake-up time, it will be much easier to get out of the house on the first days of school!


Boost their Body and Mind with Physical Activities

Research shows that regular physical activity promotes physical health and enhances mental well-being. Encourage your child to play outdoors or engage in creative hobbies. These activities can help reduce stress, improve mood and concentration, and promote resilience.


Extended Focus Times

One of the most enjoyable times of summer is the lack of structure. School, unfortunately, requires more structure and focus. Help your child build the skills they need to stay focused and attentive in school by introducing longer periods of concentration at home. Start with short periods, such as 15 minutes, then gradually increase them as needed.


Be Open & Supportive

Your child may be nervous or anxious about the transition to school, which is normal. Remind them that you will go through the same thing after the vacations and that the first days of school will be much more fun if you do something now!

By taking care of your child's mental and physical well-being when they return to school, you give them the best chance of success.

Good luck with the upcoming school year!

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