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The Mistake All College Applicants Make & The Easy Way to Avoid It

college prep future planning high school May 22, 2022
College mistakes and how to avoid them

College is a huge investment of time & money. You want to get it right from the start for your child, but the problem is what you have been taught to do is wrong. Really wrong!

You were taught to search for colleges using a method that was created decades ago & is broken. Things change & colleges have become an extensive business but the way to search for schools hasn't changed.

The current college search system is so broken that on average:

• 30% of freshmen drop out

• 44% of students who start college don't graduate.

With those odds, you would be broke after a few hours in Vegas!

In order to avoid this from happening to your child, you need to teach them to do something different. Currently, high school counselors teach to search for Reach, Target, & Safety schools.

If you think about the name Reach school, it means your child doesn’t belong. If they get in, they are now at the bottom looking up.

Remember, even Harvard and Yale have a bottom 25%.

And their Target school isn't really their target because they wanted to go to their Reach college. And they hope they don't end up at your Safety school.

The name means your child is better than them!

Understand what I mean when I say the system is broken?

To search for colleges the right way, focus on their future after college.

Future Planning > College Planning because the focus shifts to them graduating and getting a good job, not just getting into college.

To plan for their future, find colleges that MATCH their skillset. Do this by comparing your GPA & test scores.

  • Is their GPA within a few tenths (e.g., college average is 3.4 but you have a 3.3)?

  • Are your test scores around the 75th percentile?

After you have narrowed your list, find schools that FIT their needs

• campus size

• location - near or far

• 4 to 6-year grad rates)

• activities, clubs, Greek life

• sports (big sports or you don't care)

• wide variety of majors (80% of students change majors)

Create a plan to graduate from the college they start at and one where they can get a positive return on your investment. If the odds are not very good, then the college they are looking at isn't for them.

Remember, invest in their future & not into the college's bank account.

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