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Which is the Best Education Franchise to Own?

The one that allows you to run the business you've always dreamed of and build your life while doing something for others.

Are an entrepreneur with a heart for education, eager to build a thriving business while empowering young minds?
Or a parent passionate about your child's academic success and looking for a way to make a difference in your community?
Maybe you're a teacher seeking a more meaningful impact beyond the classroom?


If any of these describe you, Engenius Learning could be the perfect solution for you! We're more than just an after-school tutoring program; we're a company that wants to help you change your life by changing the lives of others.


Why Engenius Learning?

  • Proven Success: Backed by 37 years of experience and a track record of helping tens of thousands of¬†students excel, our franchise model equips you with the tools and guidance needed to thrive.

  • Impactful Curriculum: Our innovative curriculum and engaging technology spark a love for learning and drive higher GPAs &¬†test scores.

  • Comprehensive Support: From in-depth training and ongoing coaching to collaborative network support, we're here to ensure your success every step of the way.

  • Flexibility & Fulfillment: Enjoy the flexibility of owning your own business while directly impacting your community. Witness the rewarding experience of empowering students to reach their full potential.


Hear from Successful Franchisees:

"After years as a teacher, I craved more autonomy and the chance to truly personalize learning. Engenius Learning provided the perfect platform. With their support, I opened my center and now see students blossom every day. It's incredibly fulfilling!" - HR, franchisee.


"I was burned out from my career and wanted to do something meaningful. Engenius gave me the chance to start fast and for so much less than any competitor. I love that I can customize my centers to match the neighborhood I'm in." - DT, multiple franchisee


Ready to explore further?

We invite you to a free consultation to discuss your goals and learn more about our franchise opportunity. You'll discover:

  • Investment details and potential ROI

  • Our comprehensive training and support program

  • The local market potential in your area

  • How Engenius Learning can help you achieve your dreams


Don't miss this chance to make a real difference in the lives of children while making a difference in yours. We look forward to connecting with you!


The Engenius Learning Team 

Design Your Future

You want to be your own boss, set your own hours, and pick your own team, but you're not sure how to go about it.

The franchise industry can be tough to break into. With all the different options available, it's hard to know which one is right for you.

Engenius Learning Centers are the perfect option for solopreneurs to entrepreneurs who want to start their own business without sacrificing control or quality.

Change Your Future Now ‚ě§

The Engenius Advantage

Because our first focus is on your success, Engenius is the smart choice for an educational franchise.

Through training, site selection, lease approval, and limited but smart lease improvements, we'll guide you every step of the way to avoid rookie mistakes. While we want the Engenius brand to grow, we know you will quickly become the face of Engenius in your community. Therefore, our focus for your success is to make you the brand ambassador people will recognize and rely on. As you will learn, parents and children are more likely to interact with someone they trust than a random person.

We become part of t

This simple yet subtle shift of focus is what makes franchisees a valuable partner at schools and neighborhood communities.


The Engenius Solution

Our curriculum and our approach are scalable from the solopreneuer to the largest tutoring centers available.

With any new business, controlling costs is always an issue. With our tiered offers, you can pay our $5,000 (solopreneur) franchise fee to start your business with our full support and all of our curriculum, proprietary software, and training. Then, as your business grows, you can expand your agreement with us to grow your center to the size you desire. This phased approach maximizes your cash flow, allows you to grow into your role, and, best of all, you can get out of any current work situation you have. *The $5,000 franchise fee entitles you to one tutoring table per center (solopreneur). Each additional tutoring table you add would cost another $5,000, with maximum franchise costs per location of $20,000 (regardless of how many tutoring stations and children you serve).

Our focus is on your long-term success, not a quick win that may pour money into our bank account but put you in a difficult position to open your doors and keep your business!


What Does Engenius Offer Students?

Engenius Learning Centers tutors students from kindergarten to college in most academic subjects.

As an Engenius franchisee, you will have access to all of our online, digital downloadable curricula. What makes us special is that some tutors have unique skills that are not common yet still very sought after. For example, one of our tutors in Latin was the Ohio State Champion two years in a row (who knew there was such a thing). At a local Jesuit high school where Latin was still taught, our tutor was kept busy hour after hour, day after day, tutoring Latin. Others have specialized in ACT & SAT prep, math, physics, AP test prep, or US History. Tutors like this become the go-to person, and word-of-mouth advertising is better for our locations than any website review could ever provide!

This is why we say that you become the face of Engenius, and we customize your center to accommodate your community.


Future Franchisee - You are Engenius

Seriously, we think our franchisees are Engenius! Not just because you were smart enough to join the Engenius education franchise but because YOU will be the brand in your community. While other franchises focus only on promoting their "brand," we focus mainly on promoting YOU! You are the one who will work with the families. You are the one who will build the business. You are the one who will be responsible for making it run successfully.

You are the face of Engenius!

Engenius' role is to support you, providing curriculum, marketing, promotional support, and the expertise that has made Engenius Learning a trusted partner for our customers. But we realize we can't do this without you! Any education franchise that provides tutoring services isn't worth much without the right person providing quality services to students and families.

Ask any of the educational franchises, Sylvan Learning, Huntington Learning, or Kumon, who or what is more important: the franchisee or the franchise?

Their allegiance is to their brand, while our allegiance is to you!

So if you've always wanted to make a difference in your life by making a difference for someone else, consider becoming a franchisee of an Engenius Learning Center. Every day we make a difference and inspire young minds by giving children the individual attention they need to reach their potential.

Engenius Learning Centers is the place where great minds think a lot!


Who We Are

Engenius Learning Center was founded just a few years back, but Mike Flynn, President of Engenius Learning Centers, is a 30+ year veteran in the tutoring business. Mike has been a curriculum developer and multi-unit franchisee for some of the most well-known businesses in the education franchise industry.

Seeing that the big franchises were making unrealistic demands on their franchisees and making little to no effort to develop a curriculum that helped students, Mike set out to create a learning center that you would want to send your child to and, more importantly, a learning center that you would want to own.

*For additional information about Mike's beliefs on education, follow his blog.

future franchisee

The Problem with the Big Education Franchises

Franchise opportunities in education abound. Many companies have capitalized on franchising supplemental learning opportunities for children, from tiny home tutoring services to the most prominent players in educational services.

Sylvan Learning, Huntington Learning, and Mathnasium Learning Centers (just a few of the educational franchises for kids K - 12) all have a vested interest in growing their franchise brand and claim double-digit revenue growth each year from YOUR sales each year. This model really only benefits the franchisor and is not very good for the franchisees. In this business model, you are desperately trying to add children to your roster, offering every service possible to drive up royalties for the business but doing little for the overall health of your business. When you're a slave to driving revenue without regard for your bottom line, you end up with an unsatisfactory business model.

While on the surface, this seems great for you, the growth in sales really only creates more royalty income for them without any regard to your net profit.

There are also very specific rules to follow that don't always translate to every market. Sylvan Learning requires an Educational Director and a manager at all locations, so it is not economically feasible to serve a smaller market if you wanted to be a small business owner/operator. Kumon has a very low franchise fee, but that doesn't get you very far when you look at all the associated costs you have to pay just to get started.

Mathnasium only offers math, but most students also need help in other subjects. Rarely do we encounter a student who needs help in only one subject area. Student needs grow, especially as students get older and need help getting into college.

Why would you choose a business model where you chase away half of your customer base, not because you can't help them, but because you won't help them? Parents and the kids you help want a tutoring solution for all their needs, so don't limit yourself to just one service!

While all of these franchises have many units, that doesn't mean their franchisees are successful. The business they run isn't worth the significant initial investment and substantial monthly fees.

The educational franchises mentioned and most others have a primary interest in their brand, with a secondary interest in your success.

Engenius' approach makes you the primary focus. The more successful you are, the more successful our corporate brand is.

Design Your Future

You want to be your own boss, set your own hours, and pick your own team, but you're not sure how to go about it.

The franchise industry can be tough to break into. With all the different options available, it's hard to know which one is right for you.

Engenius Learning Centers are the perfect option for solopreneurs to entrepreneurs who want to start their own business without sacrificing control or quality.

Change Your Future Now ‚ě§

What Does the Competition Look Like

Competition exists in every marketplace and in all areas.

You could say that the more services there are in an area, the more people are interested in what we offer. The most significant opportunities that exist for our business model are in a small town or large neighborhood where people support their schools. Companies like Sylvan Learning, Mathnasium Learning Centers, and Kumon have very strict rules and don't allow you to focus on your unique skills.

Those companies have very rigid business models that give us an edge.

Students usually need help with math, reading, writing, homework, or study skills. Unfortunately, the top 10 companies that offer a franchise opportunity do not always allow you to help children in the way your location requires.

Parents will often become frustrated with that approach and seek something more personalized.

Online-only tutoring has become a viable option, and we also offer online tutoring in addition to our in-person offerings. In addition, we have combination packages where students come to the center at least once a week and also have online sessions to accommodate even the busiest of students.

In our student- and community-centered approach, we will typically see children again year after year and possibly teach their younger siblings, cousins, and friends. In this model, you will likely be invited to multiple graduation parties every year as we become part of their network of trusted adults.

How Engenius Sees Students


Our Business Model

The larger education franchises seem to be struggling more and more with profitability.

To generate enough revenue to support a large retail space, the growing labor costs associated with an Educational Director, Sales Director, and tutors, there just simply isn't much left over for the franchisee. Don't forget, franchisees also had a large capital outlay with the initial franchise investment). As you do your research, notice how all of their ads talk about sales generated.

These high sales create a bigger royalty check for the corporate office, but that doesn't necessarily create profitability for you.

The Engenius model is one where we look to save rather than spend.

Our proprietary software automates many tasks and eliminates the need for additional staff. Our digital, downloadable curriculum and programs do not create a significant need for textbooks. We find that today's iGen students do almost everything online, so what we offer in our curriculum fits their mentality. The mistake other tutoring companies make is that they also offer their work, but 100% online. At Engenius, our students still use paper and pencil to complete their work. This way, tutors can monitor and track the thinking process.

We still use paper and pencil to do our workStudents who are lost at school now become converts to working things out the old-school way.


Back to Basics

Speaking of old school, our focus for our curriculum is to master the basics.

Students who can read and write critically, think and reason mathematically, and problem-solve have few problems with Common Core. Moreover, we find that our students do exceptionally well on the ACT and SAT after we have reintroduced these essential skills.

We tutor students at a three-to-one ratio, emphasizing teaching students what they need to succeed independently. Our philosophy has changed over the past 30 years. We didn't teach the skills to create independent learners in the early years. Instead, we were creating dependent learners who chronically needed tutoring. When our students were not making progress, we changed our approach and now teach students how to become independent learners.

This subtle but important distinction has led to our growth and student success.


You Are Engenius – Time to Become a Future Franchisee

If you have read this far, something written here has resonated with you.

Your next step is to research the available education franchises, gather your questions, look at other franchise opportunities you are interested in, identify the various franchise fee options available, and then contact us at [email protected]. We will schedule a phone call with you to answer any questions you may have regarding our franchise opportunity. 

We think you will see our franchise option is simply Engenius. With our low investment franchise fee, our curriculum and system, the commitment to training and support, you will be thrilled with your decision to become part of our Engenius family.

If you'd like to follow up after this call, we'll discuss our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and explain more about our franchisee, royalty, and start-up costs. Our FDD also contains essential information about our franchise operation and will help you analyze our benefits as a franchisor. I think you will readily agree that we are the new direction for educational franchises in supplemental, after-school education for elementary through high school students.

So if you're still wondering which is the best education franchise that allows the most flexibility, just pick up the phone and call today to get started in a fulfilling and fun career.

Engenius Learning Centers tutor kids of all ages in most academic subjects.

For more information, email Mike Flynn at [email protected] or call 844-56-GENIUS (844-564-3648).




While you are doing your homework on the best centers, make certain you search for a variety of items like:

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These searches should help your research and point you back in the direction of Engenius Learning Center.

Design Your Future

You want to be your own boss, set your own hours, and pick your own team, but you're not sure how to go about it.

The franchise industry can be tough to break into. With all the different options available, it's hard to know which one is right for you.

Engenius Learning Centers are the perfect option for solopreneurs to entrepreneurs who want to start their own business without sacrificing control or quality.

Change Your Future Now ‚ě§