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Get a higher score by doing LESS! Our ACT & SAT test prep programs give students the results they need fast.

Students have so much going on with school, sports, and activities, adding 5 to 10 hours per week of test prep just isn't realistic. Our system uses only real practice exams, real test problems, and the best techniques available to help students improve their scores. We have mastered the process of delivering the exact subject areas & problems our students need help with to get a higher score.

No two students follow the same path, so our programs are 100% customized for your child! What that means to you is we work on just what your child needs, minimizing the amount of time & money spent to get great results.

We have proven the saying "less is more." That is simply Engenius! 


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Test prep is radically different than it was 30 years ago. Back then, the ACT and SAT tests were just complicated, tricky games. Learn the rules of the game, and you can get just about any score you wanted. As the test prep business got bigger and bigger, more people were figuring out the rules to the game, making the test less meaningful.

 Over the years, the ACT and SAT made significant changes.  The changes are so much different now; actual knowledge is required! No longer will a few tips and tricks be enough to “win.” Students now must learn to read and write at a college level, use advanced math for challenging word problems and be able to write an extended-length essay (Not anymore! Colleges have pushed back and no longer require you to take the essay portion of these tests!).

To conquer today’s exams, students need fundamental skills and test smarts. Let us show you how we combine both into programs that have helped thousands and thousands of students over 30 years.

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A Sample of Our Course

Here's a video of one of the lessons we offer our SAT students. Watch as our instructor goes through our top 3 last-minute SAT tips.

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