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Reading Comprehension Tutoring

Empowering Your Child's Potential

Transform your child's reading skills with Engenius. We understand your concerns as a parent when your child struggles with reading. That's why Engenius Learning Center is dedicated to turning those struggles into strengths.


Beyond Basic Reading Skills

Picture your child not just keeping up with their classmates but leading the pack. Thanks to our comprehensive reading curriculum, our students typically read at a level one to two grades higher than their peers. But we're not just about teaching students to read for information—our approach goes further.


Analytical Reading and Writing Excellence

We train our students to read analytically, to delve deeper, and to draw meaningful conclusions. This critical difference allows our students to understand complex texts and prepares them to excel as writers.


Preparation for Future Success

Imagine your child taking the SAT or ACT, confident and equipped with the skills they've learned with us. Our students consistently outperform their peers on these important exams, setting them up for success in high school, college, and beyond.


Efficient Learning Approach

At Engenius, we believe in efficiency. We concentrate on what matters most to elevate your child's reading skills without unnecessary pressure or workload.


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If you want your child to not just read, but read well, then join the Engenius family. Contact us today to transform your child's reading journey.


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To teach reading effectively, students need to spend time learning the individual components of reading. While it is important to work on your skills as a whole, focusing on trouble areas piece by piece is the secret ingredient that makes reading easier.  What that means for students is the chance to work just on problem areas at the right difficulty level.

If your child struggles with getting the main idea, detecting sequences or drawing conclusions, our curriculum will allow enough practice to improve.  Learning this way is easier and builds confidence right from the start.

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Leta's Learning Journey: Turning Reading Challenges into Scholarly Success

Every student's educational journey has its unique trials. Even bright students like Leta, an aspiring doctor, may encounter obstacles. At Engenius Learning Center, we specialize in understanding and helping to overcome these challenges.


Initial Consultation 

At Engenius, we start by thoroughly discussing with you and your child. We must understand your child's specific needs to tailor our approach effectively. During our initial conversation with Leta, she shared her aspirations of excelling in high school and becoming a doctor. However, she felt her critical reading skills were holding her back.


Diagnostic Tests

We gave Leta a series of short diagnostic tests to identify the root of her struggles. These tests revealed that Leta was proficient in most reading skills but struggled to draw conclusions. The difficulty arose when she had to apply multiple reading skills simultaneously to comprehend complex questions.


Personalized Learning Plan

Armed with this insight, we crafted a personalized learning plan for Leta. We focused on enhancing her ability to draw conclusions from texts while continuing to hone her other reading skills.


Persistence Pays Off 

Progress is a journey, and Leta proved to be a determined traveler.

The initial months were challenging, but Leta's dedication and persistence led to a significant breakthrough. She began to master her work, and her critical reading skills improved dramatically over time.

Reading Success and Future Prospects Today, Leta is not just keeping up with her peers but exceeding expectations.

After six months of critical reading tutoring, Leta reads nearly two grades above her grade level. She is now reading for understanding and purpose, bringing her one step closer to her dream of becoming a doctor.

Conclusion At Engenius Learning Center, we're committed to understanding and meeting the specific needs of each student. If your child, like Leta, is facing challenges with critical reading, don't hesitate to contact us.

With our personalized approach, we can help transform their struggles into strengths, propelling them toward their academic goals.