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Reading Comprehension Tutoring

Our students know how to read and read well. The key fundamental to some of the most successful people is the ability to read well. Engenius students are frequently a +1 or +2 grade levels ahead of their classmates because of our reading curriculum. Schools too often teach students only to read for information. These skills are great for finding what year was the War of 1812, but those students struggle when they are asked to draw a conclusion about the cause of the war.

Engenius students learn to read for information and learn to read analytically. This difference enables our students to comprehend at much higher levels and prepares them to be great writers. Our reading students have also found that they have the required skills to be successful in high school and college, often scoring significantly higher than their peers on the ACT and SAT. As with all of our programs, we focus on a less is more standard, doing nothing more than is required to improve.

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To teach reading effectively, students need to spend time learning the individual components of reading. While it is important to work on your skills as a whole, focusing on trouble areas piece by piece is the secret ingredient that makes reading easier.  What that means for students is the chance to work just on problem areas at the right difficulty level.

If your child struggles with getting the main idea, detecting sequences or drawing conclusions, our curriculum will allow enough practice to improve.  Learning this way is easier and builds confidence right from the start.

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