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Summer FLEX Camps June 1st - August 31st

Flexible scheduling. Convenient times. Complete control of content and how much work your child does. It's what you want for a perfect summer educational program.

But where can you get this and not be locked into the strict schedule of summer school?

Engenius Learning's Summer Flex Camp is your solution.

Pick the subject. Pick the days. Pick the total number of hours for the summer.

Everything you could want for a summer program in one place!

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About Us

Online Tutoring & In-Person Tutoring Available.

Engenius Learning – The Tutoring Solution for Your Child’s Needs.

Mike and Kerry Flynn, owners of Engenius Learning, have been delivering results since we opened our first tutoring center in Cupertino over 25 years ago. We have seven locations in the South Bay to serve you and online tutoring everywhere. We tutor students in AlmadenCupertinoLos GatosMorgan Hill, and Willow Glen, as well as programs at Wilcox High, Willow Glen High School, and a year-round daycare at Booksin Elementary and St. Chris Elementary.



Our Passionate Team

At Engenius, we believe that great tutors make all the difference. That's why our team is carefully selected for their expertise, dedication, and passion for education. But we don't stop at knowledge; we believe learning should be fun and engaging. Your child won't just learn with us - they'll enjoy every step of the journey.


A Tailored Approach to Learning

Every child is unique, and so are their learning needs. That's why we customize our services and curriculum to fit your child, whether they need support catching up, maintaining pace, or getting ahead. Our experience over the years allows us to effectively support students with specific needs, including learning differences, ADD/ADHD, or a loss of confidence.

Empowering Parents

We're not just here for your child - we're here for you, too. With our extensive experience, we've answered thousands of questions and are committed to sharing that knowledge with parents.

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A Little About Us

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We understand finding the right tutor can be a challenge.

That's why we're offering a 3-session free trial. We're confident that once you experience our approach, you'll see why so many families trust us with their child's academic success.

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