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Engenius Learning – The Tutoring Solution for Your Child’s Needs.

Mike and Kerry Flynn, owners of Engenius Learning, have been delivering results since we opened our first tutoring center in Cupertino over 25 years ago. We have six locations in the South Bay to serve you as well as online tutoring everywhere. We tutor students in AlmadenCupertinoLos GatosMorgan Hill, and Willow Glen, as well as programs at Wilcox High, Willow Glen High School, and a year-round daycare at Booksin Elementary.



Our Dedicated Tutors & Staff

Your child will improve because our tutors are experienced and dedicated. Learning from someone passionate about education makes the process fun and motivating for your child. What that means is faster learning with less resistance!

Our tutors are not only passionate about education but motivated to help your child succeed in math, reading, writing, or homework support for school. Our centers are managed by people who have proven to not only be outstanding teachers but also excel at customer service. What that means is your child will not only learn from us but enjoy doing it.

We Customize Our Services & Curriculum to Meet Your Child’s Needs

Let us know your needs and we will work out how to best serve you. We want to provide both superior customer service and tremendous value for our students.

A little about us:

  • As parents of teenagers, we understand children. We know what works with kids and what doesn’t.
  • We tutor children of all ages, in almost every academic subject.
  • Our students vary in skill ranges, from catching up to getting ahead, we can provide the tutoring your child needs.
  • With so many years of experience, we are uniquely qualified to help students who have specific needs.  Whether those needs are learning differences, ADD/ADHD, or simply students who have lost their confidence, we can help them improve.

In addition to our tutoring services, our goal is to educate parents as well. We have answered thousands of questions over the last 25+ years and we are now making much of that information available to you on YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook. Chances are someone asked a similar question and it is answered here.

We look forward to working with your child, in person or online tutoring everywhere!

A Little About Us

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