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Math troubles are a thing of the past for our students! We embrace the challenges of Common Core, yet we still focus on the fundamental skills required to succeed at the upper levels of math. Starting with elementary school standards, our students apply their computational skills to the more advanced problem-solving questions. Engenius Learning makes all math, particularly Common Core math tutoring fun and easy!

All of our math tutoring is designed to help students succeed at their current level and develop their skills in order to be ready for the advanced subjects of algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, and calculus. Our curriculum and approach to math make our program one of a kind.  Our students and parents think our math curriculum is Engenius.

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We find keeping math tutoring simple is the most effective for students.  No matter what stage of development, the goal is progression. By teaching children that learning never stops, we find our students understand that tutoring is sometimes necessary to get past a difficult time. By keeping the content focused on the problem areas, our students have rapid growth and desire to learn more.  When learning is easier and fun, their progress is faster and faster.

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