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10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Finding the Perfect College

college prep high school Jun 26, 2021
College Bound Students

The goal of the college-bound student is to find the perfect college. But what is the perfect college? How do you find such a place?

In this series of blog posts, you will learn the plan every parent of a college-bound student should follow. Topics include:

  • How to start planning for college
  • What courses your child should take
  • What essential skills every student needs
  • What are the best ACT & SAT test-taking skills
  • Which college search tools are most effective
  • How to write application essays
  • Which college is right for your child

You will also learn and master two powerful search techniques: 

  • The Goldilocks Principle 
  • The Wrong Answer Technique 

There are many different starting points when it comes to finding colleges. With so many to choose from, you have to decide if you want:

  • The shortest path that gets your child to a lot of colleges, just maybe not one for them?
  • The hardest path that might get your child to the most prestigious college, just maybe not the right one for them?
  • The path that gets you into the college your child belongs to?

Since it is difficult to find the perfect way, it is perhaps easier to find the ways that are not right and narrow our search. 

Finding the perfect college is a process that has ups and downs (perfection isn't effortless, after all). But spending that time choosing a college or university that will put you on the path to higher education could be the most significant decision your child makes in their life.

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